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Building Planning

BC Building Code, BC Fire Code and

Vancouver Building By-law

Our building code consulting services provide expert guidance to ensure your building projects comply with all relevant codes and regulations. Our team of experienced professionals will review your design, infrastructure, and construction plans to identify any code violations and provide recommendations for compliance. We specialize in a wide range of building codes, including accessibility and fire safety. Our goal is to ensure that your building is safe, efficient, and meets the highest standards of quality. Contact us today to learn more about our building code consulting services and how we can help bring your building projects to life.

Complying with the British Columbia Building Code (BCBC) or Vancouver Building Bylaw through alternative solutions is a way to achieve code compliance while exploring creative and customized building methods. These alternative approaches can address unique project needs and challenges, providing cost-effective, sustainable, and functional solutions. The BCBC 2018 allows for alternative solutions, as long as they meet necessary safety and performance standards. Our team of experts can help guide you through the process of finding and implementing alternative solutions that meet BCBC 2018 compliance requirements.

Fire Hoses

Alternative Solutions

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Certified Professional Program

The British Columbia Certified Professional Program provides certification for professionals in the building and construction industry. Our team of certified professionals can offer their expertise to help ensure your building projects comply with all relevant building codes and regulations. Our certified professionals have demonstrated knowledge, experience, and commitment to ethical practices, and are equipped to provide you with high-quality and reliable services. Whether you need help with building code compliance, fire protection engineering, or alternative solutions, our certified professionals can help bring your building visions to life while meeting all necessary standards.

AHJ services, or Authority Having Jurisdiction, refer to the organization or individual responsible for enforcing building codes and regulations within a given jurisdiction. Our building code consulting services can help you navigate the complex requirements of the AHJ to ensure your building projects are in compliance with all relevant codes and regulations. Our team of experienced professionals will review your design, infrastructure, and construction plans and provide recommendations for compliance with the AHJ. Our goal is to help you achieve the necessary approvals and certifications, so you can move forward with confidence and bring your building visions to life.

Electrical Inspectors

Authority Having Jurisdiction

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Fire Code Audits

Fire code audit services in BC assess buildings and structures for compliance with the BC Fire Code. Our team of certified fire safety professionals provide Fire Code Audits that include evaluations, identification of deficiencies, recommendations, and assistance with upgrades. The goal is to ensure fire safety and protect building occupants.

Construction fire safety plan services help ensure fire safety during the building construction process by developing comprehensive plans to meet regulatory requirements. These services include site assessments, code analysis, and plan preparation to ensure compliance and protect workers. Our fire protection engineers will review your project and prepare an effective Construction Fire Safety Plan.

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Construction Fire Safety Plans

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Occupant Load Calculations

Occupant load calculation services determine safe capacity for a building or structure. Fire departments or certified fire safety professionals perform the calculations, taking into account room size, exits, and fire safety features. The goal is to ensure the safety of building occupants during a fire and meet fire code requirements.

Since 2015 revision of National Building Code, CAN/ULC S1001 testing is required for any new building. We are certified to conduct the test and issue the required reports to Authorities Having Jurisdiction.

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CAN/ULC S1001 - Integrated Systems Testing of Fire Protection and Life Safety System

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